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The Irvine Spine and Sport Doctors have over 60 years of combined experience in delivering Chiropractic Therapy...

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy is a break through technology that provides relief from severe back...

I created the ProMaker Performance Academy use my passion for FAST, DRAMATIC RESULTS extends far beyond what I can deliver ...

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A Few Lines About DoctorKen

Dr. Ken Erickson is an author, speaker, performance coach, athletic injury expert and Doctor of Chiropractic in private practice in Orange County, California. He began his career in sports injury as a wrestler in high school where he quickly l earned - with the help of his Chiropractic doctor and mentor - that no victory was ever won while languishing on the injured (i.e, ‘walking wounded’) roster. Training smarter, not harder has been his motto ever since.

Dr. Erickson is the founder of the ProMaker Performance Academy, a repository of injury prevention and athletic performance information, resources and support. He is also the creator of stepUP to Ultimate Performance, the first-of-its-kind self-treatment training program focused on eliminating microscopic adhesions at the heart of many sports injuries and ‘gum up’ athletic performance. Dr. Erickson has helped 10’s of thousands of marathoners, CrossFitters, cyclists and swimmers pursue their fitness passions through his teaching, coaching and hands-on treatment. Dr. Erickson empowers amateur and elite athletes alike by exposing lies and half-truths used by unscrupulous doctors, therapists and coaches to bamboozle athletes into buying unnecessary products or seeking unnecessary treatment.

In a world where results matter, dramatic results matter the most!

Dr. Erickson’s videos have been viewed over 350,000 times in more than a dozen countries. According to Klout, his social media influence – including more than 25,000 Twitter followers – places him in the top 10% of all social media users. Dr. Erickson has been in private practice for over 17 years in Orange County, California. He is very happily married to his wife of 20 years, Daley, Founder of Your Amazing Life with Daley – where she helps others capture the freedom and free time necessary to achieve the life of their dreams. They have two wonderful children together.

“I look forward to making your Daring Adventure a happy reality.” – Dr. Ken