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The docs in the white coats, the PTs with 20,000 square feet of exercise equipment and the coaches with designer dolphin shorts have it ALL WRONG! Pain-Free Performance is easy-peasy!

The proMAKER3 Method... the Reason You Can STOP Listening to All Those Other Windbags!

Pain sucks. Stiffness sucks. Getting old sucks. Training bunches and bunches, but NOT getting better and better... SUCKS!

I hear these things A LOT, but you know what else sucks?

(I PROMISE I will never use the word 'sucks' that many times in an email again UNLESS it's an email about spinal surgery!)


The fact that so-called 'gurus' make these issues - pain, stiffness, performance barriers, 'getting old' - out to be big, complicated, EXPENSIVE problems that require docs in white coats, PTs with 20,000 square feet of gym equipment and coaches in designer dolphin shorts.

It's simply not true.

This video I made for you pretty well sums it up!

I was bamboozled for many years myself. It wasn't until *I* was staring down the barrel of a serious sports injury that I started to question all this advice. I came real dang close to ripping my Achilles clean off the back of my heel.

Long story, short: Despite my best efforts, all my schooling and all my experience and all my contacts in the health world, I wasn't able put THIS Humpty Dumpty back together again UNTIL I
learned the secrets that I am going to share with you.

I'm working on some cool stuff that will really help YOU master this big problem, but until then, keep an eye on your inbox. In the next couple emails I will break down exactly what it takes to
achieve Pain-Free Performance. In other words, I help you 'cut through the crap'!

Yours in Ultimate Performance,

Dr. Ken

Video Transcript

I want you to have the best possible athletic performance and I want you to reduce sports injuries to the lowest possible level, but before we can do that, you need to understand a few things and the things you need to understand are what I’ve broken down into the ProMaker Method. proMAKER3 is actually an acronym. proMAKER3 stands for Performance Reductions Occur When Microscopic Adhesions Kill Efficiency, Range of Motion, Respiration and Recovery. It’s very important that you understand these concepts.

If we can have you get a good idea of how those operate it’s not that difficult to actually break them down. So the biggest concept of this whole thing is microscopic adhesions. We’ll get to the other stuff in a bit but all these hinge on understanding what microscopic adhesions are and how to deal with them.

Microscopic adhesions are kind of a fancy way of saying ‘scar tissue’. Scar tissue is a perfectly natural healthy part of the healing process. When you damage tissue you create inflammation. That inflammation is very similar to what I call liquid scar tissue. It fills in all the areas where the damaged tissue are and, unfortunately, it tends to fill in areas well beyond where the damaged tissue was and that inflammation actually will dry out and turn into scar tissue and that scar tissue if it happens to be in the area where the original injury is, will fill in the gap and give a nice framework for your body to grow new healthy tissue on top of it. But, unfortunately, much of that inflammation leaks well beyond the area of initial injuries.

And that will leave little bits of scar tissue spread throughout the entire tissue. This can affect muscle, it can affect ligaments, it can affect tendons. It can actually be inside joint spaces, it can be in a capsule that surrounds joints. It can be just about anywhere you can possibly imagine including around nerves that travel through muscle. If you get a nerve that doesn’t transit properly through the muscle, you’ll actually create an impingement of that nerve, as well. So it can really affect a lot of things. So, you really need to make sure you understand that the microscopic adhesions can actually be a good thing in certain circumstances and a bad thing in other circumstances.

Our goal is to break down the bad scar tissue and leave the good scar tissue alone. In fact we probably couldn’t break down the good scar tissue if we wanted to, it’s so functional, and it’s so integral to the way your body operates you probably couldn’t break down the good scar tissue. You can only break down the bad and the way you break down the bad is using a technique called the stepUP – Scar Tissue Elimination Program to Ultimate Performance. It’s a way to break down scar tissue.

And we’ll go into that in later detail later on and that’s the whole reason you’re here. But we need to understand why it is we’re doing these things first. So microscopic adhesions kill efficiency, range of motion, respiration and recovery. So that is kind of the basic concept bird’s eye view. Now we’re going to start to go into our next video breaking it down into smaller pieces.