It's Like Running Full-Tilt Through a Minefield!

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Unfortunately, EVERY workout - no
matter how low-impact or brief - causes some form of damage to our
bodies on the microscopic level. The Dirty Dozen are all the
wonderfully evil ways that you can damage your Joints, Muscles and
Nerves during a workout.

As they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Dr. Ken here. As promised, I'll be breaking down this gigantic concept of 'Pain-Free Performance' into bite-sized chunks.

As they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This is so very true when it comes to training injury and sports performance. Unfortunately, EVERY workout is absolutely LITTERED with 'injury landmines'! Avoiding these landmines is a
piece of cake when you're taking one careful step after another.

It gets A LOT harder to avoid these puppies when you're running full-tilt down the center of the minefield!

That's why I simplified everything for you into what I call The Dirty Dozen. In other words, the 12 things that (IF IGNORED) will cause you pain and destroy your performance.

Read on... or watch the video instead.

*********Step 1 to Achieving Pain-Free Performance***********

Avoid the Dirty Dozen: Unfortunately, EVERY workout - no matter how low-impact or brief - causes some form of damage to our bodies on the microscopic level. The Dirty Dozen are all the
wonderfully evil ways that you can damage your Joints, Muscles and Nerves during a workout.

Example: Muscle needs a large Range of Motion to get the most oxygenation. Avoid workouts where you exercise a muscle in a limited range over and over and over. All these are covered in
detail in the ebook you downloaded. You've read it cover-to-cover, right?!?

It is also critically important that you recognize that different tissues of the body recover at different rates. Muscle recovers quickly while cartilage recovers SLOWLY. This is why ignoring Joint Recovery can be disastrous for high-repetition athletes (long-distance runners and cyclists).

Example: The 'pounding' that hip and knee cartilage suffer after a long run will require MORE recovery than blood-rich tissue (like muscle) requires. That means that if you choose to run
several miles 6-7 days per week, you will slowly and CONSISTENTLY scrape off layer upon layer of cartilage until significant damage occurs.

Next up will be Step 2 to Achieving Pain-Free Performance - Recover Like a Rockstar!

Yours in Ultimate Performance,

Dr. Ken

Video Transcript

In our last video we went over the proMAKER3 Method in a very broad manner. We talked about microscopic adhesions, scar tissue and how it kills efficiency, range of motion, respiration and recovery. So efficiency, range of motion, respiration and recovery of what? That’s a big question and that’s a good question. Well, to break things down into smaller chunks, we’re not getting down into the nitty gritty yet but we’re going to get to one level deeper, I want to go through what is called the ProMaker Performance Pillars. The ProMaker Performance Pillars are basically the foundation of what you're entire athletic performance is built upon. And so many of us focus only on one of these pillars.

Every book you read, every athlete you've ever viewed or seen on television, every single news report that talks about a sports injury, they all seem to focus on one of these pillars but if you can actually spread that focus and start to take into account all three pillars, you'll do very well. And if you only covered a portion of each of those pillars you'll actually do quite well but we're not going to go into that. We're actually going to break down each of those pillars into an even finer tuned kind of idea, where you can actually add more performance to your body just by understanding these concepts.

So the ProMaker Performance Pillars are muscles, joints and nerves.

Pretty basic stuff but most of us only seem to understand that muscles are important for training. Oh, I'm going to go and train harder. What do you do? You are going to get more resistance. You’re going to lose some weight. Oh, I need some nutrition to make my performance better. What do you get? You're going to get protein. You’re going to get creatine. You're going to get something for the muscle. It’s very rare that you'll see that somebody will say, “I’m going to get some Vitamin B for my nerves. Or I need to take some chondroitin for my joints.” That's pretty rare when you're talking about the athletic performance role. It’s actually kind of silly because you actually should take in the entire picture, encompassing everything and that's what I'm here to help you with.

So we want to make sure you understand the ProMaker Performance Pillars are the joints, the muscles and the nerves. All of it together. But again, relatively big picture stuff, we need to break it down even further and say what about the joints? What about the muscles, what about the nerves is interfering with your performance? What about those things is actually making you prone to injury? Perhaps injuries you've already had, or perhaps injuries you're going to have in the future unless you can take care of these things. I've broken it down into an even smaller chunk, so it’ll be a little bit easier to understand and I call that the Dirty Dozen.

So we’ll be going into that in a future video, covering the dirty dozen, which breaks down all of the issues, of both the proMAKER3 method and the ProMaker Performance Pillars to combine them together to give you a really good idea of where the problem is. Once you know where the problem is, it’s not that difficult to actually fix the problem. We're going to go through that step by step, through ironically the stepUP program but it’s very important to understand the basics. Otherwise, you're just going to be doing another technique that’s going to provide relatively decent results, maybe a little bit better than stretching, but we're not looking for better than stretching results; we're looking for kick ass results, and that means you need to dig in deep, find out these problems, look underneath those rocks to find where these things are hiding, find them and eliminate them.

And that's exactly why I'm here to help guide you through understanding all that stuff. So now we've talked about the proMAKER3 Method in a very big sense, the microscopic adhesions and how it affects efficiency, range of motion, respiration and recovery. Now we're talking about the ProMaker Performance Pillars and how those four factors can actually be viewed in terms of joints, muscles and nerves. So we’re starting to slice and dice this down.

I hope that makes it a little bit clear. In future videos, we'll be breaking it down and we'll go into each one of those aspects and figure out exactly how we can address each one of those one by one in a very effective manner. So I will see you on the next video.