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Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and ‘Wellness Warrior’

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and ‘Wellness Warrior’

The biggest complaint I’ve heard from clients that come to me: “I’ve tried everything, and I’m still not feeling, looking, sleeping…better”. That’s because 99% of nutritionists, diet books, supplements, etc. were not designed with you in mind. The combination of foods, supplements and exercise should be as unique to a person as their thumbprint. People quit until they hear that this is possible, then the little light of hope plants a seed just large enough to sprout into a whole new you…and all you have to do is FOLLOW MY ADVICE!

Today’s average female struggles through 10-15 symptoms daily. Women are more prone to hormonal imbalance due to years of extensive birth control, the Standard American Diet (SAD), revolutionary work place roles combined with mommy duties, exceptional stress, environmental chemicals, medications and more. Men suffer much of the same, plus symptoms related to estrogen dominance and lowered testosterone because we’re exposed to more phyto-estrogens than ever before.

95% of all of us experience chronic digestive problems and adrenal fatigue which manifest as weight fluctuations, food cravings, depression & anxiety, sleeplessness, lowered sex drive, hair loss, chronic fatigue, problematic skin conditions, allergies, auto immunity, constipation & diarrhea, pain and more. Guess what? NONE of these symptoms are YOUR fate or even potentially your fault.

We were all born as Warriors. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of that through bad food, bad drugs, bad choices. It’s happening to the best of us, even those of us who think we ‘eat a perfectly healthy diet’ … but potentially not YOUR perfectly healthy diet! My mission is to bring the warrior inside of you back to life: your inherent internal wisdom of perfect health, free of the symptoms that plague you today.

The 5 Most Common Ways That I Can HELP:
*weight gain
*hormone imbalances
*digestive disorders

YOU ARE THE ONLY THING STANDING IN THE WAY OF YOU FEELING BETTER RIGHT NOW! Are you ready for the new you? No more bloating, acne, embarrassing skin, stubborn fat, sleeplessness, fatigue, hair loss, upset tummy, constant sickness, food cravings, emotional roller coasters, or loathing exercise…we can help with the most chronic of disease and YES your exterior beauty is a natural side effect of our work together!

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