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Personal Power Planner and Stress Management Coach

Personal Power Planner and Stress Management Coach

Daley Erickson of Irvine Spine and Sport – a Personal Power Planner in Orange County, CA

High-Performance People Plan
Most of you high-level, high-performance folks have an amazing goals list and are busy making tremendous progress towards building Your Amazing Life. However, if you are running into any roadblocks, frustrations, or feel confused or overwhelmed by the details of life and sometimes don’t know where to start first, I can help you! I am a Personal Power Planner, and I believe that it is through effective planning that you will create Your Amazing Life.

Get Rid of the Stress
My greatest strength is helping people sort through the stressful frustrations and time sucks of their daily lives, to figure out a specific plan on how to tackle their life challenges and their ultimate big picture goals that will give them the most fulfilling life they can live. I have managed teams of people and personally coached individuals for almost 18 years. I know how to break down hectic life schedules that cause emotional stress and inhibit you from achieving your dreams.

Get Clear Direction
My talent is helping you bust through daily chaos and on to working on EXACTLY what tasks you need to work on. After reviewing the details and identifying both your talents and weaknesses, I will be able to offer you an unbiased, clear perspective, and can share with you very clearly how best you should proceed. You will have specific direction, a concrete plan! Often people are heading in the exact wrong direction with their time and energy, or wasting an incredible amount of time in the tiny details, or dwelling on negative emotions in their lives instead of getting productive. What you should do first, what exact steps will be most effective, and what you things you should leave for last or let go of- I will help you identify these so you can maximize every ounce of your time and MEET YOUR GOALS.

Sometimes an outside unbiased perspective is needed in order to help you make your plans. Let me help drive you across the finish line and make these goals happen!
An hour with me will MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

• Do you have a list of great goals but you aren’t sure where to start first?
• Do you often feel overwhelmed or like you aren’t getting to the Amazing stuff of life?
• Do you have talents and passions, but you aren’t currently using them in your daily life?
• Are you held back by lack of confidence to start a new endeavor? Something that you have always dreamed of doing?
• Are you already hard at work on awesome goals but feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to be effective?

Drive Your Goals
1. We will identify your top 3 goals
2. We will identify your top 5 strengths and weaknesses
3. We will discuss your daily and weekly schedule
4. We will cut down on time wasters and find specific ways to maximize time spent on valuable tasks and be the most effective.
5. We will determine your Optimum Times for Work, Exercise, Family Time and Personal Time and how to use them effectively.
6. We will make a specific plan of attack on your top 3 goals. You will have a list of what to do, starting today.
7. We will craft a Flexible Schedule but still a Specific Schedule that drives all your goals forward.
8. We will build daily Free Time Rewards into your life so that you aren’t missing out on the good stuff of life.

Start Living Your Amazing Life
Whether you are building a business, a stay-at-home parent, working in a corporate or small office environment, a college student or retired, you have dreams and goals to work on. And you deserve your Amazing Life- now!! So let me put on my Bossypants and tell you what to do!! I will be able to tell you clearly how to make some changes and tackle your goals. You will be SO EXCITED to have created a plan and will be ready to get to it. You will start to feel the effects of an Amazing Life right away.

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