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Plantar Fasciitis

Pain and tenderness on the underside of the foot can be brought on by overuse or as a result of joint dysfunction. Left untreated, scar tissue will form, further reducing flexibility and strength.

Plantar Fascitis

Plantar Fascitis is a form of Cumulative Trauma Disorder that affects the bottom of the foot (plantar surface of the foot). This condition is usually characterized by pain and tenderness on the fibrous tissue (fascia) on the underside of the foot. The pain is generally worse in the morning upon waking and decreases with walking. However, prolonged standing can also increase the pain during the day.

Although the pain associated with this condition stems from inflammation, the source of the inflammation must be addressed in order to achieve complete recovery and long-lasting benefit. The most common culprit is chronic shortening of the plantar fascia, which can be brought on by overuse or as a result of a joint dysfunction. This constant “tugging” on the tissue can reduce the already poor circulation to the plantar fascia. It then becomes inflamed (fascitis) and, eventually, scar tissue will form further reducing the flexibility and strength of the soft tissues.

Treatment for Plantar Fascitis

Scar tissue adhesions located within and between soft-tissues are best removed using a soft-tissue therapy called Active Release, a treatment method that often provides immediate and dramatic results. It is a patented, state-of-the-art soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, fascia and nerves) treatment system that was designed specifically to deal with Cumulative Trauma Disorders.

The Active Release doctor uses his hands to evaluate the injured tissue. Then, precisely applied tension is combined with specific patient movements. Treatment is an interactive process involving both doctor and patient and every Active Release session is actually a unique combination of examination and treatment. Patients often notice improvement in their levels of pain, flexibility and strength within seconds following the treatment.